How to Obtain Free iTunes Codes and the Uses of It? Music 

How to Obtain Free iTunes Codes and the Uses of It?

iTunes is a popular online music store where you will be able find a wide range of music. You can download music and listen to them over your iPad or iPod. Nonetheless, if you download songs from this store, you will have to pay a price. This might be an issue for music lovers who download songs all throughout the day. This is when you have to use free iTunes code.

How Will You Procure Free iTunes Code?

If you want to download unlimited songs then you need to use free iTunes code. There are some ways by which you will be able to get these. Some of the tips have been mentioned below.

Buy a Product

There are some companies that offer free iTunes codes as a promotional offer when you buy their products. As a matter of fact, Apple too offers code if you purchase an iPad or an iPod. You will be able to use this when you activate the device for the first time.

Providing Reviews

You will come across some companies over the internet that provide the codes if you agree to review the products and services that they are selling. These are legitimate sites that you will find all across the internet. Once you have your code, you will be on your way to download songs.

Becoming a Part of a Survey

If you participate in a survey then you will be able to obtain get iTunes code for free. There are several websites which will offer you free song download or iTunes codes if you participate. In exchange of time, the website will gift you with the pleasure of music.


Every good thing in life comes with a cost. However, that is not the case with free iTunes code. With the help of freely obtained codes, you will be able to download songs, movies and games.

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4 Rules to Get More Instagram Followers social 

4 Rules to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media platform with over millions of users. There are many businesses which focus on LinkedIn and Facebook, Instagram has proved to be an effective means to social media success. In case, you have created your account for your business and starting posting photos then you are already on the path of success. Nonetheless, this is only half the battle. You will be able to increase the exposure of your business by gaining more Instagram  followers.

Post at the Apt Time

Prior to posting pictures, there are two things that you need to keep in mind, the time zone of your target audience and the time in which they check their Instagram profile. A majority of the followers check the account in the morning and in the evening while returning from work. It is least favorable to post in the middle of the night.

Use Best Hashtags

You can use popular hashtags depending on the industry you are dealing with. This will enable you to gain more visibility and thereby increase the number of followers. However, do not go crazy with the hashtags. Use it in limit. If you use too many of them then it might look cluttered.

Share Teasers

If you have a product based business then you can upload pictures that will serve as teasers of the products that are going to be released soon. This is an excellent method for grabbing the attention of the users.

Use Videos

Posting enticing and impressive videos is a new way to engage followers. It should be done for showcasing the products, tell a story, and to entertain.

You can team up with a celeb for one day or when there is a special event. Engaging a celeb is a great way to obtain followers.


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